As a teacher, you know that content knowledge is only half the journey when becoming a scientist, engineer or mathematician. Students also have to think like a STEM professional: asking questions, reviewing information, and doing what it takes to satisfy their natural curiosity is the ying to content knowledge’s yang.

STEM Fest’s Week of STEM is designed to deliver the full experience of thinking like a STEM professional. Everyday, your students can access the Week of STEM portal and explore information related to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. That’s right — full STEAM ahead! Students will examine articles and videos, become citizen scientists, engage with hands-on activities, and interact with REAL industry professionals every day of the week! Best of all, you can easily assign all of this work to your students via Canvas.  The Week of STEM can be student-directed, freeing up a bit of your precious time to get other things done, or you can guide your students through the experience as a class — it’s COMPLETELY up to you, your schedule, and your workload.

STEM Fest’s Week of STEM is here to support you whether your students are in the classroom, doing distance learning, or a combination of both. We’re excited to have you on this journey!  For more information contact


If you’re an educator and you would like to assign STEM Fest’s Week of STEM to your students, just follow the link below.